QiHe-Designworks | A Touch of Green in Spring

—— BENO Science and Technology Office Area


Science and technology is to better serve life and create a more humane life experience.


Beijing BENO Science and Technology Development Company Limited (abbreviated as Benotech) was established in 2016. Benotech in line with the concept of "taking from nature and using it for nature", Benotech use biotechnology and mineral activation technology to build a unique soil micro-ecological management technology system, and strive to become a leading international expert in soil remediation.


Nature is the first manifestation of Taoism. Whether it is the natural life or the natural working state, it is conducive to stimulating creativity. Creating a natural lifestyle is to integrate into nature purposefully and systematically. Creating a natural lifestyle is purposeful and planned integration into nature. The enterprise culture of Benotech "take from nature, use for nature" is also the driving force of QiHe-Designworks. QiHe makes use of clear and concise modern design language to create dynamic, efficient, comfortable and natural modern green office space for customers.


This design project is located in the Zhonghangji Plaza at the intersection of Huarong South Road and Boxing Road in Yizhuang, Daxing District, Beijing. Zhonghangji Plaza is a standard 5A office building, which combines enterprise headquarters, five-star hotels and four office buildings. It is equipped with 28,000 square meters of exclusive commercial support and 20,000 square meters of central garden.


The design of Benotech Office Area focuses on three themes: team cooperation, green intelligence and science and technology office. The combination of natural design techniques, modern materials and processing methods will bring multi-level office experience to customers.



In office use, according to the difference of company's nature and occupation, the QiHe-Designworks divide the physical function scientifically. It is equipped with laboratories, archives, conference rooms, finance rooms, open office areas, sharing areas, reception areas, deputy general manager's office, general manager's office, etc. QiHe reasonably divide the space size according to the frequency and use of each area.


From the aspect of design innovation, the team emphasizes the design principle of "less is more" from the level of green science and technology and humanistic aesthetics. Strive to create a simple, quality and form follow the function of modern office space. In the choice of color, we use industrial neutral color, follow the basic principles of functionalism, and have the design language of early cubism. The design integrates the interior space with the natural environment, introduces the natural light into the tall floor glass windows, and adds scientific and reasonable lighting collocation, which is concise and avoids over-design.

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Wu Xiaolu, the director of QiHe-Designworks, often says that having intelligent air is the first choice for a quality life. The green planting ecological wall interspersed in the whole office space is natural and comfortable. The bryophytes on the wall can not only activate the space, but also absorb harmful gases, and achieve high-quality intelligent air office environment with low-cost design.

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In the design of office space, using the design language of indoor space extension building, extracting the design elements and design concepts of Zhonghangji Plaza's public space, and integrating into Benotech indoor office space, make the design not limited to the design space, to achieve a balanced response with the external space. Considering the trend of modern office is 1 + 1 > 2, teamwork plays an increasingly important role in the work. The collaboration space takes into account the need of openness, privacy and daily work. The work desk is covered to some extent. It is convenient to communicate and has personal privacy.