北京前门鲜鱼口胡同里的一栋建筑,发生了一次历史性地变革。受宝马和共享际委托,大观把鲜鱼口老胡同里的一栋小楼翻新修整,打破以往传统办公室的模式,把车库、加油站、汽车修理厂与相同元素金属融为一体,打造了一个以宝马 X2汽车为主题,共享际来负责运营的办公共享空间。与此同时,也为这条百年历史的商业老街带来了新的活力。

A historic change has taken place in a building in Xianyukou Hutong, Qianmen, Beijing. Commissioned by BMW and 5Lmeet, DAGA renovated a small building in the old alley of Xianyukou. It broke away from the traditional office model, integrated garage, gas station, automobile repair shop with the same elements of metal, and created a public sharing space with BMW X2 as the theme, which is responsible for the operation of 5Lmeet. In the meantime, it also brings new vitality to this century-old commercial street.

▼由胡同进入前台接待区,entering the reception area from the Huton

▼接待区, the reception area

BMW X2作为BMW X家族中最"炫酷"的新成员,全金色的车身设计,因此在主材料选择上,我们大面积运用了金属材质。以金属银和金黄两种色彩的主要材质基调配合使用,并在隔断、家具、天花等多处都运用了大量金属材料,强化简约的未来感和科技感的汽车主题。

BMW X2 is the most "cool" new member of the BMW X family. It has a full gold body design. Therefore, in the selection of main materials, we have made extensive use of metal materials. Major material tones of metallic silver and gold are used together, and a large number of metal materials are used in partitions, furniture, ceiling and other places to strengthen the simple future sense and technological sense of automobile theme.


Entering from the Hutong on the west side of the building, what you see is a cool golden space. We regard "X" of automobile brand and door hairpin of tradition